Monday, 28 May 2007

Pasta & Tiramisu

Today i cooked pasta again... this time round i cooked alfredo spaghetti with pork ham & sausages with brown mushrooms...heheheh... it didnt taste as good as my tomato basil spaghetti because i accidentally added slightly more water... but bebe still said it taste good... i brought back tiramisu cake frommy house... the cake was for mom's birthday...bought it from Just Heavenly Pleasures...bebe didnt get to taste it... managed to give him a 2 course italian meal today!! happy happy...
In a satisfied mood to watch Pirates of the Carribean 3 - at world's end...

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Doctor, am i okay?

Just came back from my paps mere & ultra sound 3D test... yayee i'm perfectly fine!! When i went into the consultant room...

Doctor: What's your problem?
Me: I don't have any problem...i'm here to do ultra sound test
Doctor: Why you want to do that? Have you done paps mere before?
Me: No...
Doctor: Then you need to do... do you have sex regularly?
Me: Ya (not shy at all)
Doctor: Are you married?
Me: Not yet
Doctor: you know why you need to do paps mere and ultra sound?
Me: Not quite sure... *shy*
Doctor: To check if you have cervical cancer/cease/lump in your womb... (doctor went on to explain)
* doctor called the nurse to come in...

Nurse: tanggal seluar dengan panties
Me: ok
Nurse: baring sini

i'll stop here coz bebe said i shouldn't announce everything in my blog...privacy!!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

My lonely afternoon tea @ bakerzin

I forgotten to post my lonely afternoon tea at Bakerzin the other day! After i've done with my shoppings, i was a lil' hungry and craved for a light hearty meal -> Baked Avocado Salad with Crabmeat. So my legs on auto-mode and walked to Bakerzin. Without thinking twice i ordered my Avocadao salad and a pot of Earl Grey Tea. I brought my book and read while waiting for food. Actually this ain't a good place to do reading as it was rather noisy but food won! i sacrificed my peaceful reading moment to food!! Yay food won!!

When my order came...

hhhmmmm.... yummilicious!!

*closer view of the avocado & crabmeat

I'm a happy girl again! after my meal i was so happy that i feel like galluping back to my car!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


One of our leisure activities is MAHJONG!
After our dinner, we decided to play for a while...
and one of the game was like this...

* bebe got this!

*and i got this!!

Due to the fact that i have nicer cards...
i refuse to let him win...
and he was so poor thing that he drew out the card to let me win my "tai sam yuen" with 9 flowers....
how evil me!!

What a cute Sunday!!

Last Sunday i decided to cook again... i tried something different instead of Chinese cooking all the i went to Village grocery to shop... i pushed the trolley round and round to all the fresh food aisle and i couldn't think of something to cook... no beef at bebe's house... and i really don't know what to do...frankly speaking...i have never cook pasta in my entire life...i finally decided i want to learn how to cook it... hehehehe... i thought it is very simple to cook... so i bought spaghetti... i bought 2 packets of sauce mixtures...alfredo & tomato basil...and when i passed by the frozen food area i saw smoked i bought it home as happy!!
i'm skipping the cooking part becoz it was a mess... so i decided to show my delicious spaghetti pictures only...

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Stalker = No Life!!

I'm deleting my chatter box as I've been receiving chatter box messages from this anonymous person... first person i know why he did it because he was drunk and he was Lynn's friend. He wrote some bad "comments" on my chatter box and Lynn's one as well. And then came this anonymous COPY CAT that is so unoriginal, copied the same thing and he/she thought his/her message is very original. Funny!!
I reckon this person is jealous of me. Not that i'm so full of myself or what. But if it bothers him/her so much that he/she have to keep coming to my blog and leaving me some rude messages, don't you think this is some kind of jealous behavior? Also i think he/she is highly interested in knowing what is happening to me, what have i wrote on blog. He/she just keep coming back to stalk my blog.
This person obviously have
low EQ and is immature. If he/she dare to post things like that why not leave his/her name instead of being anonymous?

Now stalker, go get yourself a life!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there...
I celebrated twice... first one for bebe's mom at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant located at Swiss Garden Hotel KL, one day earlier.
I'm very lazy to upload photos again... so if you wish to view the pictures of the food at Ah Yat Abalone... you can go to this link...heheheheh...

i would say the food is alright considering the price that we have to pay...but i would say is nice coz i dont need to pay...yay!!

Second one for my own mother on the actual day itself. Me and my 2 sisters brought our beloved parents to The Curve. Mom wanted to buy new shoes and since she has been eye-ing on our flea market goodies, we thought of bringing her there for a walk. Our initial plan was to bring her for foot massage, eat and shopping. But foot massage didnt happen coz my eldest sis forgotten to make appointment! aargghhh!!
Instead we went straight to eat coz dad was hungry already by the time we reached The Curve. Then he said he wanted to eat noodles so i suggested Dragon-I. We waited for about 10mins at Dragon-I and we got out table after that. I'm surprised their service is really good coz they promise 10mins for our table and yes it is just nice we waited for 10mins. Service was quick and friendly. I like...even though they were full house!! 2 thumbs up!! I had my breakfast before going i ordered cold white fungus, gingko and hashima dessert. hehehhe dad and mom had their siew loong pao, noodles and 2 other dim sums. Each of my sis also ordered desserts. Unfortunately i forgotten to take all the food pictures. After the food, we attacked the flea market which i reckon wont be going there any sooner because of the weather... bloody HOT!! i was sweating like mad.
Bought mom a fancy sunglass and some hair clips. Sister bought mom a pair of shoes at one of the shop inside The Curve. And i bought 2 pairs of patented leather pointy at Vincci (Ikano) for rm31 plus each pair. Dirt cheap right? Surprisingly the shoes are quite comfy too!! After this there goes our day out with mom. Underlying factor is because dad was grumbling to go home!! ahah... eventful day

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Unsleepable Appointment

I've been going to this place called 'Nails Should Do' to do my eyelash extension... every time when i'm lying on that very uncomfortable bed for 2-3hours i'll fall asleep for sure... usually after 45 minutes of closing my eyes and the soothing music... i'll be in is exceptional... why? next to my bed there was this malay lady... apparently the beautician that did her lash is quite friendly and chatty... so both of them have been chatting non-stop for their entire session... it is disturbing becoz...sorry if i'm being mean (not to say my england very power hehe)... the beautician's england is quite broken in some ways...but i have to salute him as he has the guts to talk fluently... they went on and on talking about A-Z...from bangkok to current social security issues for 2 hours using their england....can u imagine?... sorry but no sorry...this is not considered as eavesdropping coz they were pretty loud... the objective of this topic is to complaint that i didnt get my sleeping time there...heheheh... before i went for my session... i was thinking to myself that i could catch some sleep there... reason why is becoz i tried my very best to pull myself outta the bed this morning...that's why i grumbled... and also their topics aren't interesting for me to eavesdrop...and their england also another thing... so so so... but luckily today my session pretty i get to go run some errands right before i head home...

Thursday, 10 May 2007

My Cooking

Last Saturday i suddenly have the urge to cook my bebe a meal...he was complaining that i didnt make him "love soup" for i decided to cook again... i've made a soup... steam choy sam...a failure omelette... you must be wondering how can i failed this dish... this is mainly due to greediness... i put too much of tomatoes, ham and brown mushrooms... learnt from this lesson ady.. heheheh... but it still taste good albeit the appearance of it Steam choy sam- very standard

My failure creation- Ham, tomatoes & brown mushrooms omelettes

My own recipe of soup (tomatoes, apple, pear, brown mushrooms, enoki mushrooms & pork bones )

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Crowned 'Shopping Queen'

Buying and non-stop buying...
Buying unnecessary & necessary...
What i've bought from 15th April till 2nd May:
1. Olivia - A girl meets Bossa Nova 2 - 1 CD (Must by to resist such lovely CD?)
Amy Zhang's 2 latest novels
3. Age defend facial mask - 2 (i reckon this suits mom better...ehehhe...mother's day pressie)
4. Necklace - 2
5. Bangle -1
6. Earrings -1 pair (This is to congrat Pei San's new shop opening...can't help it!)
7. Levi's Ashley Jeans 1 pair
8. Toner from Laneige
9. Skin Booster from Laneige
10. Precious Eye Cream from Lo'ccitane
11. White Tea Anti-Oxidant Cream from Origins
12. Fuchsia Pink Patented Leather Flat Shoe (This one not considered- 2nd sis bought for me)

I've been abusing my plastic card...
Slowly increasing the limit...
Bebe has been nagging me...
He stops me from buying any clothes today while we were shopping at mid valley...
I told him what's in my mind today is no clothes...
I wanted a new watch...
He scolded me and say "You only think of buying expensive things"
In my mind i was thinking "I'm not only thinking of buying watch...also LV, Celine, Chanel & Loewe's bags"
If bebe ever know this I'll be skinned alive...