Saturday, 22 September 2007

5 things

5 things in my handbag/bag :
Mobile phone
Company tag
Snoopy Tissue
Hand therapy

5 things in my purse :
Credit Cards
Happy family 3 photo
Driver's license

favourite things in my favourite room (my living room):
Fuschia pink squeezy microbead pillow
Snoopy Pillow
Beige carpet
Various photos of myself, bebe & fifi

things I would like/love to do :
Visit Europe
Visit Japan
Visit US
Go to gym/yoga
Visit Aussie/NZ

5 things I’m currently doing :
Lying on my beige carpet
Listening to Janet Seidel- French Bossa Nova
Playing with my hair

Monday, 17 September 2007

The day has come~Jacky Cheung Concert

Friday night was a fabulous night for me... simply because i went to watch Jacky Cheung concert!!
The concert lasted about 3.5hours with 39 songs sang...
He was so good though his voice still not fully recovered...
I'm so touched by him...his voice...his performance...his songs and all his 30 thousand fans that went to the concert and almost 90% of the songs we sang together with him...
I was very worried each time if he come here to have his concert would be his last i make sure i go watch every single time... and as usual he will make his long as we are here...he will still continue to sing...
True enough... the encho part last about an hour... with all his famous songs... every time he finished one song...we will scream and clap to beg for another song and he continue to sing and sing until finally he said "zhu fuk" will be the last song to end the concert... i was so depressed by then...
He also felt "ng seh tak" about all his fans... till the last part when he finished singing he said goodbye to us... i can see he was in tears... so did i... not sure how many people

To Jacky... i'll support you forever!!

Friday, 14 September 2007

Lost you forever!!

I still cannot accept the fact that my phone got stolen in the office...
The fact that this f*cking old man took it from my table and walked out just like that...cursed him million times in my heart that he won't have good day after taking my phone...curse him that he will suffered for the rest of his life because he was a theft!!!!! Curse him so hard that i hope he will be run down by a car/lorry/motorcycle but that's too easy for him... perhaps he should choke while eating bean curd and suffocate & die!! curse him that he'll never get to f*ck anymore whenever he wants it... curse him that he will get stroke and paralyze both his hands that he can't move anymore...
I was almost tearing yesterday but i tried hard to control for not letting it down coz it was due to my ONE & ONLY TIME carelessness...due to the ignorant people in the office that no one has actually bothered to ask why was he loitering around in the office and the fact that he is unknown to everyone...
i hate this word "assume"... assume can really kill...

End of the day i've lost k810i forever and ever... my beloved photos are beloved music inside the phone is gone... no gone... no more.... is gone...

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Roadshow @ Pan Pacific Hotel KLIA

Yesterday we went all the way down to meet our Group CEO...
Myself, Cindy sat on Adeline's car and we left office around 3pm...
The journey took us 1 hour 15 minutes including some waiting at bangsar lrt to pick up Sean...
Group Public Affairs sent out a note earlier on to remind everyone to reach Pan Pacific no later than 4:15pm...
We reached there just nice at 4:10pm...
luckily they served refreshments i.e. fried vermicelli and deep fried spring roll else we'll be in deep hunger during the roadshow...
300 staffs came all the way down to see his presentation for 1.5 hours, half an hours of Q&A...
After the presentation we left KLIA and took us 1.5 hours to reached bangsar again to drop Sean...
We headed to BSC thought if we can eat chili's but it was really full and we have to wait really long...
we then walked to La Bodega and it was also full house... left us with no choice we sat down at Dome as we were all starving...
All the hassle we have gone through to meet him...worthy or not? i really don't know

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Devil's Diciples

I'm now very hooked up to this new TVB drama "Keong Kim"simply because the actors are Bosco Wong, Kelvin Cheng & my favourite Bernice Liew. The story is about ancient Chinese KungFu war with devil. I watched until late night for the past few days and i can see my panda eyes coming out and the icre-cream concealer also can merely conceal anymore. I'm so sad. I'm getting older and i don't used to have panda eyes when i was still in college or uni. Who can tell me which eye cream is best for panda eyes? And best concealer that can conceal but not dry texture???

New boss is in for 2 days...i only said hi and welcome to Marketing yesterday and from his facial expression he got a shocked and he smiled back to me and say hi and thank you! Heard that he is dam smart coz he is only 36yrs old but he was previously marketing director for "U" company... and now became our new Head of Marketing... also heard that he is very well verse in Research... i know i'm gonna die when i present my part to him... i'm so scared!!! HELP!!!!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Merdeka Night

Right after my mee goreng with sausages, i went straight up to the room to take a nap... woke up we played Wii -Donkey Kong again... i'm trying hard to beat bebe but he always win...sigh... after an hour plus of Wii...washed up and went to Bangsar to meet up with JW & SO for dinner... we decided to eat something not so expensive which is banana leave rice at Nirvana... We reached there early and found a nice carpark infront of Nirvana...we walked around at telawi street boutiques...i found a newly opened boutique called "PurpleDotz"... price wise is mid range.... and i managed to buy a floral dress at RM62.10 after 10% discount...hehehe...happynye!! After my impulse purchased feeling we go back to Nirvana sit down and ordered our food... bebe had banana leave rice with fried chicken & milo ice... i had maggie goreng with fried chicken and teh oh ice limau... my maggie goreng is still taste good as the last i had with ykiat... happy the food is consistent! Right after we ordered, JW & SO came and they ordered exactly the same food as we did... so ngam!

After a full dinner...we went in to Bangsar Village II to shop around...Went to 2nd floor and SO suddenly suggest us to have tiramisu at Suchan. Since we didn't have dessert for long so we went for it. Suchan supply tiramisu to Alexis wor... and its nice!! After dessert, my stomach felt like bursting so we need to walk abit more to digest...then walked into MPH and bought a book for dad's birthday. Its about golden retriever and i hope is useful for him. Bebe found his Dilbert and the way of Weasel so he can't resist and bought also. Anyways is the last one in MPH.
I think i had dandruff and it causes me real itchy scalp... so we went to village grocer after buying the books to grap a Head & Shoulder intensive solution shampoo... hopefully it works on my scalp as medication for itchy scalp and hair loss just finished and the salon is closed for a few days...

Saturday, 1 September 2007

A Hot Friday Afternoon

Today's weather is extremely hot... i kinda missed office 'Winter Sonata' centralized air-cond. Weather is so terrible i really don't feel like i wanna step out of the house but tummy growling...this morning's curry laksa obviously can't keep me full long enough... therefore i tried to cook something myself. We have one extra wantan mee takeaway from this morning therefore bebe will be having accompany my Indofood mee goreng... i pan-fried the Mr. Ho's sausages i bought from Jusco non-halal food section last night...Pork Cheese sausage and Pork Garlic sausage... both also very yummy but abit pricey....4 sausages cost me RM18 plus...

My Indofood Mee Goreng & 2 Sausages (cheese & garlic)

Bebe's Wantan Mee + 2 sausages

Just to let you know how cute is fi meow sitting next to us when we are playing Wii- Donkey Kong

Fi Meow is stonning

Fi is getting cuter and cuter... don't believe? see photo yourself...

He did nothing but just sitting there pretending he is cute!! SO GERAM!! ngam ngam ngam *bite his ear*